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Mesopotamia, land of black, land of the prophets….. and much more, all names for what is now known Republic of Iraq, a country recently starting to ...>> more

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Iraq Provincial Map, Iraq Economical Map, Iraq Population Map….>> more

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Survey & Research

Good Survey & Research means good business, its very important to Know the proper information to plan for the future and move a head, and Iraq Global Consulting & Services recruits highly educated researchers who have years of experience designing, administering and analyzing web-based and on ground statistics and information, for International Business, Government Agencies, National Companies, small companies and Non-Profit Organizations.

We possess a unique combination of research expertise and technical prowess that allows us to deliver superior results for our clients.

We also help them:

Tell us about your survey or research  type; and Iraq Global Consulting & Services will gather the required information in a competitive time line, no matter if it is on ground (Field  Survey) or through our online network connections (Arabic Forums and Websites).

Iraq Global Consulting & Services Core Values

1) Trust: We work hard to earn the trust of our clients and each other. To keep this trust alive we maintain the highest standards of integrity, openness, and work quality.

2) Value: We run lean, work hard, and work smart to keep our costs down and our prices competitive. When we maximize quality and speed while minimizing cost, the result is value for our clients.

3) Innovation: We know that innovation is the path to a superior client experience and superior business results. We’re always finding ways to improve.

4) Balance: We work with focus, efficiency, and attention to detail. This helps us a maintain a sustainable work/life balance while still producing the high quality work for our clients. We do what it takes to get the job done right.

5) Rewarding results: We measure and reward performance for every employee in every role. We base bonuses on profitability, client satisfaction, deliverables accuracy and sales growth. We celebrate our milestones and achievements.

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