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Representation in Iraq

Representation in Iraq

Commercial Representation:

Our Commercial Representation in Iraq service is designed to foreign exporters who want to lower or stabilize expenses and augment their sales and marketing functions in Iraq. Acting as your export sector in Iraq, our experienced sales staff will offer not only predictable, standardized and cost-effective sale costs, but a wider and deeper coverage of the vast Iraqi territory.

By exporting their products or services through IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING & SERVICES, foreign manufacturers can focus on their main production. Having better customer acceptance and stronger understanding of the Iraqi market., we can bring more stability to your business by satisfying the Iraqi customer needs and  facilitating the flow of goods.

Besides providing the regular export to Iraq, our Commercial Representation in Iraq can also supply regularly valuable information and services such as credit reports, market research and market development analysis, warehousing, installation and demonstration of products, product quoting, product sales training and current products improvements.

We are completely willing to cooperate with any good reputed company from any country through representing it any Iraq, whether to open a new market for its products or manufacturing the product in the country.

Why us?

We welcome any company that would like to cooperate with us, just do the following:

Legal Representation :

Any company or an individual welling to invest or establish a business in Iraq needs the proper legal situation to conduct its business in Iraq; Iraq Global Consulting & Services has a diverse Law Practice which is very experienced in the Iraqi investments and Corporate Law. Our Investments & Corporate Law team provides general counseling to clients on a variety of business issues including the formation of closely held small to mid-size companies, the purchase or sale of all or part of a business, the drafting of key agreements, and employee matters.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Iraq, Iraq global consulting & services can provide you the advice and counsel to get you started. If a business dispute arises, our Investments & Corporate Law team is also available to counsel you and assist you in all aspects of corporate litigation.

Our Legal Representation service can help our clients through our Investments & Corporate Law team in the following areas:

Contact IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING & SERVICES for more information on how our Investments & Corporate Law team can handle your needs.

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