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Public Relations in Iraq

Public Relations in Iraq

IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING & SERVICES has a unique multi-faceted Bublic Relations Division in Southern Iraq, dedicated to detail and perfection. It offers a full range of national, regional, and innovative communications solutions to clients in the economic, governmental, political, corporate, hospitality, tourism, educational and cultural fields.

Our personalized and extensive services cover all areas in the communication programs such as:

Working along with Cosmos Designs one of the biggest teams specialized in Multimedia, Graphic Design and Advertisement located in Dubai. Iraq Global Consulting & Services mission is to provide integrated and effective communication strategies, consistent with the client’s overall business and marketing objectives. Iraq Global Consulting & Services maintains its position as a market leader by expertly delivering high yielding results tailored to suit the individual requirements of the client. The company’s strategic planning and commitment to the client is designed to ensure effective positioning and enhance the client’s reputation and safeguard their image in the public eye.

The strength of Iraq Global Consulting & Services lies in the wealth of experience and determination of its team members and their extensively developed network in the region. They personally offer their availability to the client for the entire duration of a project or program, eliminating practices commonly used by larger public relation companies.

Our Practices:

Research and Counseling Public Relations in Iraq
Through our experience and professionalism at Iraq Global Consulting & Services, we provide our clients with advanced and accurate research and information.
By preparing a comprehensive  analysis for our clients we help shape their corporate, marketing and Bublic Relations strategies. Through in depth focus group discussions, we will highlight the needs and perceptions of the various target audiences. The information acquired during these sessions will ensure we have specific market intelligence and also that we have our finger on the pulse of the target audiences in Iraq and the Gulf Region.

Communication Management
We believe that managing information is an essential element in any communications program. Through news releases, press conferences, special events, speeches, newsletters and interviews held by the local and international TV channels in Iraq, we strategically deliver our client’s message to the relevant audience. Our objective is to inform, persuade, motivate and achieve mutual understanding between the client and its target audience. Based on extensive research and planning, we create a result oriented public relations campaign that reinforces our client’s marketing objectives.

Media Relations
In the news industry, a thorough understanding of the media is essential. Our main objective is to turn information into dynamic communications tools that get effective results. From a simple yet effective Press Release to a challenging Media campaign, we manage all aspects of media events in Iraq and the Gulf Region. Multimedia, Press receptions, exclusive interviews, broadcasting, press conferences and press trips are planned, executed and finalized with great detail and perfection.

By merging talent and technology, Iraq Global Consulting & Services provide it's clients with the best possible solutions from design to development going through advertisement in order to meet, and in most cases exceed our clients' goals.
We invest our years of creative expertise and our collaboration with carefully chosen partners (Cosmos Designes) of complimentary services in Multimedia, to provide our clients with the best projects, created and deployed with the most current and sound technologies.

Event Management
Iraq Global Consulting & Services effortlessly blends imagination and creativity with experience and professionalism. These core values ensure the success of any special event aimed at generating public attention.
Iraq Global Consulting & Services strength lies in the expertise and ability of its senior directors and managers in executing events, tailor-made to meet the client’s objectives. Whether it is a business conference or a corporate launch, all necessary skills are combined with proven creativity, highly developed organizational skills and the ability to deliver flawlessly executed results.

Community Relations
This area of our Rublic Relations practice enhances relations with the local community, which our client is a part of. We essentially act as a link between our client and Common People, Iraqi Tribes, Sheikhs and Local Parties, assisting them to strengthen and solidify a strong position in society. Iraq Global Consulting & Services enhances the client’s image in the community as a socially responsible organization by presenting a calendar of community events with synergistic sponsorship and partnership opportunities that the client should participate in and develop them into worthy media events and/or stories.

Business Development
Through its team, Iraq Global Consulting & Services offers an extensive network of high-level contacts in Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and all the region. We can support market entry strategies in relevant countries, identify key decision makers in business and government, assist in building local partnerships and help create an overall favorable business climate for the client.

Crisis Management
Every company needs a communications team to provide qualified guidance in an emergency situation. Without the advice of professionals, crisis can be mishandled and might ruin the reputation of a company. We offer the client our constant services for developing strategies and implementing immediate action when a crisis strikes unexpectedly.

Reputation Management
We assist and guide our clients to select the optimum mix of techniques to manage their reputation. Through strategic planning, we ensure effective positioning and enhance their reputation and improve their image in the public eye.

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