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Mesopotamia, land of black, land of the prophets….. and much more, all names for what is now known Republic of Iraq, a country recently starting to ...>> more

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Iraq Provincial Map, Iraq Economical Map, Iraq Population Map….>> more

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Products franchise in Iraq

Franchises and Business Opportunity

IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING & SERVICES is a comprehensive franchise resource that is dedicated to matching the manufacturer with the merchant with the best franchise and business opportunities that fit there business and investment and lifestyle.We are a one stop shop to learn about what’s available and request more information about Products Franchises in Iraq.

Iraq now in a re-building state, it is an open market for a large variety of products that includes Building material, IT, Food, Clothes, Heavy Equipment, Cares Ext…

Products Franchises wanted - Register your company

Do you want an Agent for marketing your product in Iraq?

Register your company with IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING & SERVICES, send us your products catalogs& brochures with the complete information including shipping and estimated time of delivery along with your Franchise Terms .

We will find an Agent or a Reseller for YOU inside IRAQ through our Arabic websites or Public Relations Representatives.

Agents & Resellers Wanted in Iraq

Are you looking for a particular product to market in Iraq??

We have what you need.

We have been contacted be many companies that are eager to market their Products and services in Iraq; and they need Agents and Resellers. Contact us and see if there is something suitable for you.

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Note : All Products Franchise handling, Agents and Resellers agreements are accomplished in association with our sister company Iraq Global Trading.

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