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Mesopotamia, land of black, land of the prophets….. and much more, all names for what is now known Republic of Iraq, a country recently starting to ...>> more

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Human Resources in Iraq

Human Resources Management

IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING & SERVICES Human Resources Management in Iraq (HRM) function includes a variety of activities, the most important among them is:

Jobs in Iraq

Our Human Recourses Management  division will be at your service.

Jobs Available in Iraq

IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING & SERVICES is willing to manage your projects employee recruiting with the most experienced staff available whether in management, technicians or unskilled laborer.

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Jobs Wanted in Iraq

If you are an Iraqi national or from Iraqi origins, and you are highly motivated, active, responsible, well educated and willing to work in your country (Iraq); IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING & SERVICES willing to find you a suitable position or a job in Iraq.

  1. Download the Example CV
  2. Fill the Form
  3. Send it back to our Human Resources section
Download the Exampel_CV
Download the Exampel_CV

Your resume will find it way to our clients who are seeking professionals to work with them in Iraq.

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