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Mesopotamia, land of black, land of the prophets.. and much more, all names for what is now known Republic of Iraq, a country recently starting to ...>> more

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Iraq Provincial Map, Iraq Economical Map, Iraq Population Map.>> more

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IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING SERVICES, a specialized private company; Established to provide high quality consulting, services training for foreign companies, investors in Iraq and governments aiming to work in IRAQ, offering its services out of Nasiryah city office in southern Iraq (Dhi Qar Province); we've guided many investors in Iraq

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to start there business and establish successful factory's, companies, infrastructure rebuilding projects ext >>more

Consulting in Iraq

IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING SERVICES provide a good source for information, advice and consulting for investors in Iraq, business men and others that helps them to get started with their projects in Iraq or the Gulf Council Countries (GCC)>> more

Services in Iraq

Providing services in Iraq is limited to few number of companies and some individuals and IRAQ GLOBAL CONSULTING SERVICES is one of them; you must choose the most experienced, trustworthy, dependable, and honest to help you to get stared in your business in Iraq.. >> more

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